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Serving the Peninsula and Southside Hampton Roads


5710 Rivermill Circle, Portsmouth

***Unavailable Rented***

3BR, 1-1/2 BA townhome Churchland area  $1400/month $1400/deposit

2404 W Weaver Road, Hampton

****unavailable rented****

3BR, 1-1/2 BA, 2 story home close to shopping and interstate. $1300/month $1300/deposit

3500 Arabian Place, Suffolk, VA **** unavailable rented****

4BR, 2.5 BA, 2 story home. 

$1900/month, $1900/Deposit

525 Ashwood Drive, Newport News 

****unavailable rented*****

3BR, 1-1/2 BA, 2 story home with garage 

$1295/month, $1295/deposit

1013 Bethel Ave., Hampton

****unavailable Rented!***

2BR, 1BA close to LAFB, New carpet, freshly painted. 

$895/rent $895/deposit

912 Southmoor Dr. Virginia Beach

****unavailable Rented!****

2BR, 2BA, 1st floor condo. Nice location. 

$1295/month, $1295/deposit

202 Cooper St, Hampton ***unavailable Rented!***

2BR, 1-1/2BA, 2 story home. Close to interstate, 

Hampton University, and downtown Hampton. Newly renovated. 

$975/month $975/deposit

1019-30th Street, Newport News

****unavailable Rented!***

2BR, 1BA rancher close to downtown and shipyard 

$695/rent, $695/deposit

905 Sacony Street, Portsmouth 

*****unavailable Rented*****

3BR, 1-1/2 BA, 2 story town home 

$995/month $995/deposit

21 N. Hope St, Hampton

****unavailable Rented****

3BR, 1BA rancher close to interstate and LAFB 

$995/month $995/deposit

1106 Buoy Court, Suffolk, VA *****unavailable Rented***

2BR, 2-1/2BA 2 story condo, convenient location 

$1250/month $1250/deposit

28 Cherry acres Drive, Hampton, VA 

*****unavailable Rented*******

3BR, 1BA, rancher 

$995/month, $995/rent

43 Wellington Drive, Hampton, VA 

****unavailable Rented****

3BR, 1BA rancher 

$940/month, $940/deposit

222 Captains Court, Hampton, VA 

***********unavailable RENTED***************

5BR, 3-1/2BA, close to Langley Air Force Base, 

3000 sq feet, Move in this Week! 

$1600/month, $1600/deposit